Changsha CDC ( and public sanitation test center ) was established in 2002February, Department of Changsha City Health and epidemic prevention station, city labor hygiene occupation disease prevention and cure, city tuberculosis, health education institute merged into. As the government set to perform public health functions of public welfare institutions, bear the city 's disease prevention and control, public health emergencies to deal with emergencies, health education and health promotion, report of epidemic situation and factors related to health information management, health hazards monitoring and intervention, laboratory analysis and evaluation, technology management and Application guide seven functions. Central South University School of public health, University of South China, Hunan Normal University School of medicine teaching and research base, the University of South China School of public health" postgraduate training units in collaboration". The center has 19departments,9 functional departments. Existing in-service employees 225 people, including professional and technical personnel 196 people,47 senior titles, the existing part-time professor of Central South University,15 associate professors.

The center has invested about 25000000 yuan to implement laboratory standardization transformation and equipment upgrading, and gradually establish a flu, Measles Laboratory Network of provincial laboratory, AIDS screening / confirmation provincial laboratory, detection of avian influenza virus, molecular biology, and foodborne diseases identification laboratory, has established a perfect quality management system, strictly follow the" scientific rigor normative ethics, integrity, timely and accurate," the quality policy, has passed the National Laboratory Accreditation and re-accreditation provincial and metric attestation, occupation health service institutions and other qualifications, capability of detection coverage22kinds big 501 projects, inspection reports in Europe and Asia-Pacific area 56 countries get recognition, and through the United States APG International detect of the orgnaization ability verification.

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